At Fatty Sundays, we create gourmet chocolate covered pretzels in over 15 delicious flavors! Each pretzel is generously dipped in chocolate, thoughtfully flavored and decorated to perfection.

Welcome to Fatty Sundays!

At Fatty Sundays, we believe that every day of the week should feel as delicious as Sunday! With our gourmet chocolate covered pretzels, you have a reason to indulge and celebrate any day, any time. We offer over 15 mouthwatering flavors that are generously dipped, thoughtfully flavored, and decorated to perfection. Whether you’re looking to try something unique like our cereal + milk pretzels, or enjoy a classic like our toffee pretzel rods, we are here to help you treat yourself!

Design Your Own Pretzels

Looking for something out of the ordinary? We’ve got you covered. Fatty Sundays allows you to design your own custom chocolate covered pretzels that reflect your style, taste and personality. For custom orders, choose your favorite chocolate, select your sprinkles, and pick your own packaging with custom artwork. It’s that simple!

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To enjoy your own box of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels visit our shop, select your quantity, and checkout once you are satisfied with your order. For custom pretzels, visit our ordering instructions and get in touch with us by emailing or by calling 646-762-2555. We look forward to adding a little extra sprinkle in your life!

Design your own pretzels

Choose your chocolate, select your sprinkles and pick your packaging!

Step 1 select your chocolate

Step 2 select your sprinkles

Step 3 select your packaging

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