Where Does White Chocolate Come From?

Us girls in the Fatty Sundays kitchen spend a lot of time dipping mini pretzel rods in chocolate. We get lots of questions about where our ingredients come from and how they came to be. Today we thought we’d address a question we hear often:Where does white chocolate come from? Although we’re tempted to tell you that white chocolate comes down from heaven (not too far from the Fatty Sundays heaven that is filled with lots and lots of beautifully colored sprinkles) and leave it at that, here is the real story on how white chocolate came to be.


As you might expect, white chocolate is made from chocolate, but what you might not know is that it consists of cocoa butter, which is part of the cocoa bean and can be separated from the dark cocoa solids.

After cocoa pods are picked and the cocoa beans are separated from the pods, nearly all cocoa beans go through a separation process, which removes the cocoa butter from the dark cocoa solids and the natural fats, which are part of the whole bean. Darker chocolate products like milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate or dark chocolate have the solids added back to the refined and sweetened final product, but white chocolate remains a cream or ivory color due to the lack of cocoa bean solids.

In the United States there is also a legal definition of what constitutes white chocolate. To be considered a true white chocolate, the final product must consist of at least 20% cocoa butter. Aren’t you glad the government is keeping an eye on our sweetest and most delicious foods? The chocolate we dip our white chocolate pretzels in has high cocoa butter content which in fact makes it creamier and easier to work with!

Now that you know a little more about white chocolate, why not have a taste? We’re always coming up with new flavors with white chocolate, semi sweet chocolate and dark chocolate.

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