Where Do We Get All the Sprinkles?

One of our customers asked us recently, “How do you choose the sprinkle combinations for your chocolate covered pretzels?” The short answer is that we have many sources for each flavor and topping combination and our chocolate and sprinkle variations are no exception. We currently have nine flavors featuring sprinkles and we consider the topping an essential part of each new flavor we create. If you look at our current flavors, we’re using our toppings to bring one of two functions to our flavor combinations.

sprinkle pretzels

We Use Sprinkles To Bring Color And Style 

The second way we like to use toppings is more evident when we dip our chocolate covered pretzels in sprinkles. We’re choosing the sprinkles to help bring color and style to the finished product. What could be more fun than an ombré fade using sprinkles, like our Chocolate Sprinkle Ombré Pretzels or our White Chocolate Sprinkle Ombré?

So whether we’re using peanuts, toffee or sprinkles, we hope you enjoy the fun toppings we use to finish each chocolate covered pretzel rod. If you’d like to see a new flavored chocolate or topping combination, let us know in the comments section!

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