What Makes A Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzel?

‘Gourmet’ is a tough term to define sometimes, but everyone knows the difference between high quality chocolate and cheap candy when they taste it. We think about what makes a gourmet chocolate covered pretzel every day, and ideas that don’t live up to the definition don’t make it out of our test kitchen. If you’re wondering what process we use to define gourmet chocolate, and how we control the consistency and quality of our chocolate covered pretzels, here are a few of the points we use to grade each product and ingredient:

gourmet pretzels


Although chocolate will store pretty well – as confections go – if processed chocolate gets old, the cocoa butter will start to separate from the cocoa, sugar and other ingredients which make up the delicious product we simply call ‘chocolate’. No one wants less than perfect chocolate, so we make sure our ingredients are always fresh.

Gourmet Blends

These days, chocolatiers everywhere are starting to sell chocolate by ‘percent cacao’, which is meant to indicate how much cacao is in the finished product. Simply put, if a chocolate has a higher the percent cacao, there is less room for sugar and other ingredients, so what we think of as the ‘chocolate flavor’ is more present. We work hard to ensure the perfect balance between the correct ‘percent cacao’ and the sweetness and smoothness of each finished product.

Flavor Infused Chocolate

Chocolate will always be a key flavor in our chocolate covered pretzels, but to have a truly gourmet chocolate covered pretzel; we blend our chocolate with other natural flavor infusions to create truly unique combinations. Fruit flavors like orange and banana are some of our classic flavors, and we create seasonal gourmet blends like Peppermint for Christmas and Pecan Pumpkin for the Fall.

Although ‘gourmet’ can be hard to define sometimes, we think you’ll agree that our quality control and flavor creation efforts have paid off, and are evident in our collection of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels.

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