What’s Your Favorite Flavor?!

Happy Thursday all! Today we want to know: What is your favorite Fatty Sundays flavor AND why? We have over 10 different varieties of our flavored chocolate covered pretzels to choose from, and believe it or not, we started with over 17 flavors!

Flavored Pretzels

Our First Tasting Event

Below are photos of our first tasting event where we invited all of our family and friends to sample Fatty Sundays flavored chocolate covered pretzels and give us their thoughts and feedback. What better day than #throwbackthursday to share these, and, almost 2 years later, ask everyone the same questions.

fatty-sundays-chocolate-covered-pretzels-fresh fatty-sunday-chocolate-covered-pretzels-tasting_medium

 In Pursuit Of New Flavors

Much time, effort and thought goes into our new flavor selection and creation here at Fatty Sundays, with extensive testing, tasting and tweaking! Before a new flavor is launched on our website we make sure our pretzels reach the perfect balance of flavor, sweet and salty. We even share a sneak preview and tasting of the newest flavor with others to make sure we’ve made it the best it can be.

We Want To Hear From You

And now, here’s where you come in. We are asking you to please email us: What is your favorite Fatty Sundays flavor AND why? As we develop our new Fatty Sundays website and blog we want to feature you, our fans, friends and family, talking about your most favorite Fatty Sundays flavor. We’d love to hear some creative answers! Why do you like that specific Fatty Sundays flavor so much? Does it elicit certain feelings or memories? What does it taste like to you? Is there a tie between two flavors? Please email info@fattysundays.com with your answer and please include a photo! We want to share your stories and answers to continue to spread the Fatty Sundays love! Thank you!

P.S – Here is the page with our flavors if you need to see them all together! 🙂 http://www.fattysundays.com/product-category/pretzels/pretzel/

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