Top Secret Of Gift Giving For Christmas

It’s a question for the ages: what do I possibly get my Secret Santa for less than $10? I.E. Something that’s *not* a Starbucks gift card. Fear not, Santas! We have a chocolate covered pretzel that fits your bill.

For the Nostalgic BFFAEAETDDUP: You know the type: still sleeps with a favorite stuffed animal, holds onto every high school yearbook, watches Full House reruns nightly. Allow your favorite nostalgic BFFAEAETDDUP to time travel back to the glory days with our PB+J Pretzels. We’ll even remove the crust!


For the Fashion Fiend: No trend is too trendy for the fashion fiend. And ombré? Well, that’s a given. In step our Ombré Sprinkle White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, which not only match a winter white wardrobe, but also fit perfectly into that McQueen clutch.


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