Top 5 Reasons For Loving Our Mom!

With Mother’s Day only 5 days away, we thought we would share our top 5 reasons for loving our Mom. There are, of course, many more than 5 reasons… But, you know, we needed to make the play on numbers and words work!

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#5. Mom taught us gals the importance of wearing rubber gloves when washing the dishes.

You know that feeling of the water getting significantly hotter after you’ve only turned the handle slightly towards ‘hot’? Well, if you do, you know that it doesn’t feel good. In fact, if your hands are cold, it feels so horrible! Put on some rubber gloves and your problems are pretty much solved. Our Mom taught us this at a young age, (okay, not sooo young) when we started to help cleaning up after dinner. You can’t really wash dishes with luke warm water so put on those gloves and turn the water to h-o-t! Check out these cute gloves we found from Neato Shop:

#4. Mom taught us how to pick a nail polish color quickly.

When we were younger and our Mom used to take us to get manicures only for special occasions – Thanks, Mom! There’s nothing worse than going into a nail place, having no idea what color you want, and at the same time having the manicurist call your name to sit down because the place is packed. Our Mom used to say, just pick a color! It’s not permanent! You’ll get a different one next time! Today, we have gotten much better, despite the massive selection of nail polishes out there. We quickly think in our heads: The new color? The seasons trendiest? The dark? The light? The different but bright?! You KNOW what we’re talking about. Here are some of our faves this season:

(On the topic of nail polish, we have a whole post about matching your Fatty Sundays to your nail polish, coming soon!)

#3. Mom taught us how to drive!

(Just kidding, our Dad actually took us driving in the beginning…. but then our Mom actually let us drive around when we were of age!)

#2. Mom helped us with studying for tests in school.

Growing up, our Mom was our go-to person when it came to studying and test taking. She was the one who would take our scribbled notes and “quiz” us. Whether it was a vocabulary test or a history quiz, we probably couldn’t have gotten through it without at least one study session with her. Who else would have the patience for that?! Also on the topic of school, we’d like to note that our Mom was the queen of beautifully covering our text books. We used to get creative and cover our books in pretty wrapping paper and craft paper (maybe that’s where our love for craft paper and packaging originated…)

#1. Mom taught us the importance of buying gifts on time and never ever forgetting a card!

 Our Mom is notoriously amazing for gift-giving, never sending a gift late, and never ever forgetting a card with the gift. We really appreciate this skill of hers and are so glad it stuck with us over time. We thought this needed to be reason #1 (you’ll thank us later) because, whether you are buying Mom some Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels, or something else, we thought we’d remind you that Mother’s Day is only 5 days away – you need to make a decision soon! We’re happy to say that we’re still accepting Fatty Sundays orders through tomorrow evening, so if you want to send your Mom some sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzel goodness, look no further than this Gift & Assortment page! Happy Mother’s Day Shopping!

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