A Taste of Fall: Pecan Pumpkin Pretzels

Fatty Sundays loves everything Fall. We admire its unique charm to transform the world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush. Not only do we enjoy the picturesque views and golden Autumn colors, we also love the tantalizing treats that this season brings.

With chilly weather comes the excuse for sweet hot drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider and delicious desserts like pecan and pumpkin pie.

To celebrate this magical season, we’ve created our very own Fall inspired treat – Pecan Pumpkin Pretzels.

Pecan Pumpkin Pretzels

We don’t like having to decide between pecan and pumpkin pies so we’ve simply combined the two flavors! pecanpumpkin edit2

The nutty pecans paired with the sweet cookies come together to create a seasonal snack worthy of any Thanksgiving table.

Now you can enjoy Fall in a single bite!

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