The Story Behind Fatty Sundays Mini Pretzel Rods

So, a few years back when we were testing and tasting A LOT for Fatty Sundays, we made the conscious decision to dip miniature pretzel rods for our gourmet flavored chocolate covered pretzels. We spent a lot of time talking and thinking about the size and the shape of the pretzels that we were going to dip. And, we probably spent even more time sampling all of the different types of pretzels out there on the market to find that perfect pretzel. It’s safe to say that we are one pretzel obsessed family at Fatty Sundays!

Why Fatty Sundays prefers mini pretzel rods over mini pretzel twists?

One reason that we went with the mini pretzel rods (over long pretzel rods or pretzel twists) is because you can hold our mini pretzel rods without getting your fingers all chocolate-y! In our opinion, napkin or no napkin, there is nothing worse than having your fingers covered in chocolate. While our chocolate is quite tasty and delicious, it belongs in your mouth, not all over your fingers! With our mini pretzel rods, we dip them just enough to leave a small handle on the end that you can hold on to. (You’re very welcome!)


Furthermore, at Fatty Sundays, where we pride ourselves on innovation and standing out from the crowd, we think that pretzel twists (and the long pretzel rods!) are so passe… Our mini pretzel rods are just like trendsetters in the fashion world – we focus just as much on style as we do on flavor!

That’s all for now! We hope you enjoy our gourmet flavored chocolate covered pretzel rods!

Happy (clean) snacking!

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