Q&A with Minibar

Nothing pairs better with chocolate covered pretzels than a good drink, especially during the holidays! We talked all things pretzels and beverages with our favorite delivery service Minibar. See our Q&A below…


FS: What type of wine/liquor/beer/cocktail would you pair with each different FS flavored chocolate covered pretzel with?

MB: Salty Toffee pretzels with Raging Bitch IPA.
Birthday Cake pretzels with Champagne.
Banana pretzels with Greyhound Cocktail.
Sprinkle (Dark Chocolate) pretzels  Spanish Rioja Wine.?

FS: What does your ideal Sunday look like?
MB: Sleep until 10, great run on the west side highway, eat an awesome brunch, drink rose and read the Sunday times in the park, have dumplings at Mimi Chengs for dinner, and then watch HBO until bed.
FS: Sweet or salty?
MB: Salty.
FS: What is your dream Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzel flavor?

MB: Sea salt caramel and scotch.

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