Putting Together a Perfect Dessert Bar

Sometimes one dessert just isn’t enough and we need three or four or ten to choose from. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or getting married, here are some ideas for putting together the perfect dessert bar.


Rule number 1: Go for variety! As much as we love a whole table full of chocolate covered pretzels, there is room in our hearts for all sorts of candy! Go for a range of baked goods like pie, cake and cookies and toss in some jelly beans and whatever other candy you love!

Go for a color theme. If you’re doing an all candy bar, it’s fun to pick one color and see how many types of candy you can find to fit the theme! And yes, rainbow does count as a color.

Lastly, just pick things you love. You’ll never be able to cater to every single person’s taste, allergies and intolerances, but it’s your party and you can eat what you want to!


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