Get A Handle On This!

Take a look at one of our hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzel rods, and one design feature will be sure to stand out: the pretzel handle. No, we didn’t just forget to dip the base of the pretzel! In fact, the bare pretzel handle on each Fatty Sundays treat was carefully designed, and it serves many functions.

colored pretzel sticks with handles

The handle is essential to our hand-dipping process

Whether we’re dipping our pretzels in silky dark chocolate for our scrumptious Orange pretzels or in creamy white chocolate for a batch of good ol’ fashioned Berry Granola pretzels, we rely on the handle to get just the right amount of chocolate on our delectable treats.

The handle is essential to your enjoyment of Fatty Sundays pretzels

The handle makes our Smooth Mint pretzels the perfect stirrer for a cup of hot cocoa on a midwinter night. It also ensures that you can enjoy our PB&J pretzels midsummer without a melting, gooey mess. And with the handle, our original Chocolate Sprinkle sensations become mini ice cream cones for kids and adults alike.

The handle has created the great debate among Fatty Sundays followers

Some folks save the salty bite for last. Others eat handle first to ensure delicious chocolate-y bites the rest of the way. Try one of our gourmet hand-dipped creations today and let us know how YOU eat your Fatty Sundays… There’s really no wrong way!

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