Need A Reason To Buy Fatty Sundays?

Chocolate Is Good For You 

If you’re thinking of giving yourself a treat this weekend, or giving a few gifts, we have a reason you might buy chocolate covered pretzel rods: they’re good for you. If you’re wrinkling your brow and wondering if we’re pulling your leg, consider the following evidence, especially regarding dark chocolate. According to a research letter published in the Archives on Internal Medicine, chocolate has a strong correlation with lower weight and heart health in Americans.

This type of research may strike some as counterintuitive, as chocolate is often served as a treat, say, covering a pretzel rod…but the study showed that participants who reported eating chocolate an average of twice a week, as well as exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle showed a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) number than similar groups, who ate less chocolate. A low BMI number is an indicator of both lower body weight and better heart health. This study and others point to the conclusion that eating chocolate as a preferred treat may have health benefits we’re only beginning to understand. The antioxidant properties of chocolate have been well documented, and this study among others shows that chocolate can be a great way to reward yourself and stay healthy.

Now, we’re not saying that chocolate is a substitute for good choices regarding diet and exercise, but if you’re going to give yourself a treat for all the healthy decisions you make throughout the week, you might consider a chocolate covered pretzel or two, and you can breathe easy knowing that chocolate just might be a super food!

chocolate and pretzels

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