National Cereal Day

What better day than National Cereal Day to feature our yummy Cereal + Milk chocolate covered pretzels! Drenched in creamy white chocolate and topped with cinnamon cereal, these pretzels are guaranteed to wake up your senses. The combination of sweet flavor and crunchy texture takes us back to the early mornings before elementary school, where finishing your breakfast was important just so we could slurp down the sweet milk left in the bowl!


As we got older, and “healthier” cereals replaced our Rice Krispies and Lucky Charms, we missed that feeling when we got to indulge in a sweet breakfast and drink up that sugary milk. Now, our Cereal + Milk pretzels fill that void and bring back such fond memories of being a kid! They are the perfect sweet+salty treat for kids and grownups alike. Take time to enjoy these pretzels, without worrying that you will miss the bus!

Happy National Cereal Day to all the Cereal + Milk fans out there! 

Our Cereal+Milk chocolate covered pretzels are available for purchase here… Enjoy!

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