Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Matzoh

Passover is always a tricky time of year for us here at Fatty Sundays. Big fluffy slices of ciabatta bread are replaced with thin and crisp matzoh brei. A fine bottle of pinot noir transforms into Manischewitz’s finest. “The pretzels,” we ask ourselves, “what about our lovely chocolate covered pretzels!?” Don’t you worry, friends of Fattys. We got ya covered with our amazing  flavored, chocolate and sprinkle covered matzoh. With Passover just around the corner, we suggest our chocolate covered matzoh brei—available in mouth watering flavors such as Salted Toffee, PB&J, Peppermint Crunch and Sprinkle. Place your order soon to have it just in time to fulfill its role as the most fabulous afikoman of all time.

matzoh matzoh


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