Matching Fatty Sundays Pretzels To Nail Polish

These days, anything goes with nail polish color and designs. Nails have become such a huge trend and we cannot get enough of the amazing nail polish colors out there, not to mention the insane nail art we’ve seen! For this post we decided to share 2 of our favorite colors right now: lavender and blue, and 1 color that is just, well, a total classic that we’ll never get sick of: red! Of course, we matched some Fatty Sunday. pretzels to our favorite nail polish colors. Which colors do you like the best?


One result of this super fun project was pretty clear: the matching possibilities are really endless with all of the nail polishes out there and Fatty Sundays pretzels! With our custom colored sprinkles, we can match almost any color imaginable. Check out the custom colored Fatty Sundays options here.


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