Customized Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Want Personalized Chocolate Covered Pretzels? We’ve got you covered!ย 
For those of us who work here at Fatty Sundays, we rarely need an excuse to have a chocolate covered pretzel, but then again, they’re only a few steps away. But whenever we help plan a wedding or party, people ask us what everyone else is buyingย chocolate covered pretzels for. Well, given that fact that we’re happy to make personalized pretzel packs for parties, weddings and other events, we think ourย chocolate covered pretzels are a great fit for all kinds of events. Here are some of the events we’ve made personalized chocolate covered pretzel favors for: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties, engagements, bridal showers, baby showers, holidays and corporate events.

If you’re looking for personalized party favors, here are a few of the ways we make our chocolate covered pretzels the perfect party favors:

1. You Choose the Flavors

We encourage our customers to look through the flavors and decide which flavor and topping combination fits the bill. After all, it’s your event!

2.You Choose the Size

We can make individually wrapped packages as small as two pretzels and as large as five for most flavors.

3. Custom Labels

If you want to congratulate the bride and groom or remind the guests of the sweet sixteen they got treats at, we’ll put the names right on the label.

4. Presentation

If you want to put chocolate covered pretzels in a gift basket or make it part of the centerpiece, just let us know and we’ll coordinate to get them to you early.

So, if you have a special event coming up, and chocolate covered pretzels from Fatty Sundays would sweeten the day, get in touch, and we’ll help make personalized favors perfect for your event.

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  1. Hope

    Hi I am in the need of a chocolate covered pretzel shaped as a Q with some colored bands on it. I am looking for probably 200 pieces. Can you do this?

    Please call me

  2. Kristina Kingsley

    Hello! I wanted to inquire cost and a proof (if possible) of 100-200 chocolate pretzels (packages). I would like a custom label on the front and black and white pretzels. Please advise! Thank you.

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