Fatty Sundays Halloween Pretzel Snack Mix

The Fatty Sundays family is all about sweets and treating yourself, especially on Sundays! This Halloween, we are sharing one of our favorite sweet and salty snack recipes with all of you. Our chocolate covered pretzel snack mix is the perfect treat to whip up for your Halloween party or to package up as a favor for guests (or trick-or-treaters!)

Ingredients / What you’ll need:
Fatty Sundays Halloween Sprinkle Pretzels
– dark chocolate covered almonds
– raisins
– toasted coconut
– pecans
– pumpkin seeds
Putting the snack mix together:
– Chop up Fatty Sundays pretzels with a sharp knife into bite size pieces
– Mix all other ingredients into a bowl with the pretzel bites
-Serve and enjoy in decorative bowls or shot glasses!
Photography by Vanessa Tierney.
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