Gettin’ Down with Gluten Free Pretzels

Gluten Free Pretzels

We firmly believe that the best sweets are ones everyone can enjoy together. With more and more people avoiding gluten, we quickly realized we needed to come up with gluten free pretzels.

But let’s be honest – so many gluten-free sweets and treats have a reputation for being flavorless or having a weird texture. Gluten-free cakes, cookies and pies are known for their health benefits rather than their deliciousness, but we’re determined to make a tasty treat that keeps everyone’s health considerations and allergies in mind.

There’s no big secret: we treat our gluten free pretzels with the same love and attention we give to all our products. We use the same high-quality ingredients, and we make sure they are as scrumptious as any other option. The only difference is that they are slightly smaller than our other pretzels, but they definitely pack the same colorful, flavorful punch!

Fatty-Sundays-Pretzel-GF-sprinklewhite-700x950 gluten free sprinkle dark chocolate pretzels

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