Friday Spooning (and Dipping) at Spoon University

This Friday we went to the Spoon University midtown offices to give them a taste of what goes on behind the scenes in the Fatty Sundays kitchen! Everyone on the team got to dip and decorate their very own Fatty Sundays pretzels.


We shared the story of Fatty Sundays and the inspiration behind our chocolate covered pretzels – everything about the look, the flavors, to the infamous “handle” we have on our pretzels, so your fingers don’t get covered in chocolate when you are snacking! We also explained the meaning behind the name Fatty Sundays. Everyone has their day to indulge, and growing up, our treat day was Sunday!

Next, we showed the Spoon University team our pretzel dipping technique. “It definitely looks easier than it is!” was a phrase we heard often. We dipped a few example pretzels, making sure to point out the best way to hold the spatula and the pretzel rod. It’s really about evenly rolling the pretzel in melted chocolate, and make sure there is a neat chocolate surface for the toppings to stick to. There’s nothing worse than a lumpy or misshaped chocolate covered pretzel! We then topped the dark chocolate pretzels with various toppings – peppermint, toffee and yellow, orange and rainbow sprinkles. Peppermint and Toffee are two of our best selling flavors, and it wouldn’t be a Fatty Sundays activity without colorful sprinkles! The best part about dipping your own Fatty Sundays pretzels is that there are no rules with the toppings – you can put as much or as little on as you want, and you can mix them up!

The Spoon University team really wow-ed us with their chocolate covered pretzel skills! They proved to be super on trend with their color block pretzels and they quickly picked up on the dipping and topping techniques.


We had so much fun showing the girls how to dip their own pretzels, and of course, snacking away on the finished product afterwards! We’ll leave you with some food for thought… How would you design your own Fatty Sundays pretzel? The sky is the limit!

Fatty Sundays standard DIY kits are available for purchase here. They come with everything you need to make 20 Fatty Sundays pretzels on your own (instructions, pretzels, chocolate and sprinkles), plus a box of Toffee pretzels to snack on while you are dipping! Our DIY kits make for a fun interactive activity with friends and family any time of year.

Does your company want to have Fatty Sundays come in and create a DIY chocolate covered pretzel bar? Email for corporate event inquires!  

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