Friday Flavor Feature: Cookies + Cream

This Friday, we are celebrating the weekend with one our favorite (and newest!) Fatty Sundays flavors: Cookies + Cream! Dipped in creamy white chocolate and topped with crunchy chocolate cookies, these pretzels are our sweet + salty take on the classic cookies and cream flavor. They are a true indulgence in every sense of the word, and we couldn’t imagine a flavor roster without them at this point!


In case you still haven’t heard the story behind the name “Fatty Sundays”, here is a quick refresher. On Sundays we used to get frozen yogurt from the local shop and then smother it with every topping we could find in our house – including Mom’s chocolate covered pretzels! The sundaes were always so indulgent… we sometimes ate more topping than yogurt!

While the Cookies + Cream pretzels are a new addition to the Fatty Sundays family, they always  remind us of those Sundays because they make the sweetest froyo topping. There are few things more delicious than a big, swirl-y bowl of your frozen yogurt with these pretzels crushed up on top. The salty pretzel and sweet white chocolate and cookie flavor combination is a hard one to top!

Looking for another way to enjoy Fatty Sundays Cookies + Cream flavor without running out to the nearest 16 Handles? Grab a glass of iced cold milk and dunk away! Our pretzels are just the right size to dunk into a glass, and they even have a handle so your fingers stay clean. Just don’t forget to down your glass of milk too – the pretzel cookie crumbs at the bottom are the best part!

Our Cookies + Cream chocolate covered pretzels are available for purchase here… Enjoy!

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