Friday Flavor Feature: Coconut

Happy Friday! It’s time for our weekly Friday Flavor Feature. With the start of Spring next week and the sun finally showing its face past 5 o’clock (thanks daylight savings time!), we have the beach on our mind.

There is something about the rich, creamy milk chocolate and toasted, golden coconut combination that transports us to lounging on a sandy beach with the sun shining in our faces and sand in between our toes!


Coconut and milk chocolate are both very sweet, so the Fatty Sundays Coconut pretzel is definitely one of our sweeter offerings. Our Coconut pretzel has a very distinct and appealing texture, too. We use flaky coconut shreds that are filled with flavor and are just small enough to create that perfect layer of topping on the milk chocolate. This flavor is ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings… especially when you really need a midday boost (and can’t get to a beach!)

This flavor is one of our original from the early days of Fatty Sundays. We often hear that our Coconut pretzel reminds people of Girl Scout Samoas (we’ll take it.) The coconut flavor is a familiar one that many people love. It’s consistently delicious, and you always know what you are about to bite into with milk chocolate and coconut!

So go ahead and indulge yourself, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be transported to a beach in the middle of March?!

Our Coconut chocolate covered pretzels are available for purchase here… Enjoy!

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