For The Love Of Highlighters


A recent trip to Staples inspired today’s throwback post. Seems pretty random, huh? Not for us. We’re kind of obsessed with school supplies, even though we’re years past the school age. Remember the summer days where you’d go “school supply shopping” weeks before your first day of school?

The Staples by our house was stocked with school supplies galore during the Summer months. We’d make one big family trip there and pick out all of our pens, pencils, highlighters, binders, rulers, planners, folders… you name it! It was a pretty big decision sometimes. Between color coordinating everything (with your Jansport bookbag, of course!) and making sure no one got the same thing, we easily spent 2 hours on those school supply shopping trips. Now those were the days.

In honor of not being in school anymore (yet still loving school supplies, which we now use in our office!) we matched our Chocolate Sprinkle Pretzels (seasonal product, currently unavailable. However, you can customize your own colorful chocolate flavored pretzels, please visit custom colored sprinkle pretzel page for more information) with our favorite highlighters! We’re not rushing the summer away, promise!



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