Flavor Profile: White Chocolate Sprinkle

This is where it all started. With just three elements –  pretzels, chocolate and sprinkles – our white chocolate sprinkle pretzels still make us smile with their sparkle.

white chocolate sprinkle pretzels







Our white chocolate sprinkle flavor is the sweetest of our three classic sprinkle flavors. White chocolate is made mainly of cocoa butter, not cocoa solids, which means many people are quick to point out that “it’s not real chocolate.” Fatty Sundays, though, is here to save white chocolate from the bullies on the candy playground. It’s as delicious as its milk and dark counterparts! Showered with colorful sprinkles to make it feel special, our classic Sprinkle pretzel is still our go-to snack, and we think it should be yours too.

Eat this with… brunch. Looking to make an everyday breakfast feel special? Toss a few Sprinkle pretzel pieces into your next chocolate chip waffle or pancake mix for some added crunch, color and fun.

Gift this to…anyone and everyone!

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