Flavor Profile: Toffee

What could possibly be better than silky smooth, sticky, sweet caramel? A caramel candy, crushed up and sprinkled all over a chocolate covered pretzel. We’ve loved toffee forever for its sugary snap, the way it crumbles when you bite into it and how it pairs perfectly with milk chocolate.


Toffee is sometimes a flavor people associate with fall, but we think its perfect for any season. Because toffee is a hard candy, you get all the flavor that comes from a rich caramel sauce without having to deal with the sticky mess it always leaves behind. This is one of the reasons this is our bestselling pretzel, but it’s also just plain old delicious!

Eat this with…popcorn. At your next movie night, skip the boring butter and sprinkle crushed up Toffee pretzels over your popcorn instead. We’d even suggest sneaking these into the theater and taking your movie popcorn to another level.

Gift this to…your best movie buff friend, along with some cute popcorn buckets!

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