Flavor Profile: Toasted Coconut

Our Coconut pretzel has been reinvented a few times. We started out making a milk chocolate-covered pretzel covered in shredded coconut, but once we realized how much more flavor toasted coconut had, we knew we had to use it. And so our reinvented Coconut flavor was born. We still dunk the pretzels in sweet milk chocolate, but we now cover them in nutty, buttery toasted coconut.


The Coconut pretzel tells two stories, depending on the season. In the summertime, the coconut reminds us of sitting on a beach, swimsuit on and pina colada in hand. In chilly winters, though, the toasty flavor reminds us of sitting around a warm fire, underneath a blanket sipping on a warm coconut hot chocolate. This pretzel may have undergone a few makeovers before we landed at this flavor, but that only makes us more proud of it.

Eat this with…coconut macaroons. Next time you make coconut macaroons, crumble up a few of these and toss them into the mix to play with different textures. As they bake, the macaroons will stay chewy but the crumbled pretzels will get extra crispy.

Gift this to…everyone on your next beach trip.

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