Flavor Profile: Spicy Almond

Sweet, salty and spicy: the holy trinity of snack flavors. After taking a look at all our sweet and salty flavors, we decided to try our hand at throwing another element into the mix.


The result was a delicious combination of rich dark chocolate, nutty roasted almonds and spicy chili. Though almonds and dark chocolate are delicious together, the chilli adds a fun and unexpected surprise to the pretzel’s flavor. For those of you out there who aren’t fans of spice, fret not – even people who hate spicy food (like Fatty Sundays co-founder Ali) love these pretzels!

Eat this with…a spicy hot chocolate. Add some cayenne and cinnamon to your go-to hot chocolate mix, and use a Spicy Almond pretzel to stir it all up.

Gift this to…the most adventurous cook you know.

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