Flavor Profile: Salty Toffee

Salted caramel seems to have taken the sweets world by storm over the last few years. We put our own spin on it, taking our bestselling flavor, Toffee, and adding a pinch more salt to make it its own unique sweet. Say hi to our Salty Toffee pretzels.

salty pretzels fatty sundays

In addition to covering the pretzel with rich dark chocolate and tasty toffee bits, we use Jacobsen sea salt to give one half of our salty-sweet marriage a boost. Jacobsen is a gourmet artisanal salt with a delicate flavor, so it doesn’t overwhelm any of the other bold flavors we’ve got going on – you’ll taste the dark chocolate and toffee first, followed by a pinch of salty goodness.

Eat this with…straight up sauce. Curl up with a book and a warm jar of salted caramel sauce, and use the pretzel instead of a spoons. You deserve it.

Gift this to…a recent graduate – remind them to take everything in the post-school world with a grain of salt!

Enjoy these Sweet and Salty Toffee Pretzels!

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