Flavor Profile: Peppermint

Tis the season…to eat all the peppermint. As the holidays roll around, there is nothing more exciting to us than an excuse to experiment with and enjoy seasonal flavors. Peppermint and chocolate are best friends, and we didn’t see any reason to mess with their relationship. Our Peppermint Crunch is the perfect blend of chocolate and peppermint.


Our slightly bitter dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the sweet peppermint candy, and the candy’s red and white swirls give the pretzels an extra festive appearance, making them perfect for any number of holiday celebrations.

Eat this with…more chocolate. Making peppermint bark for your next holiday party? Skip the peppermint candy and use chopped up Peppermint pretzel bits instead! In fact, we think these pretzels would be perfect in any one of these desserts.

Gift this to…Santa. Leave it out for him on Christmas Eve instead of cookies!

Enjoy our delicious Peppermint pretzel!

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