Flavor Profile: Pecan Pumpkin

Fatty Sundays loves fall with a leafy passion. We’re sick of having to decide between pecan and pumpkin pies, lattes and cookies. In combining the two flavors, we’ve put a stop to this dilemma – enjoy all fall has to offer in one salty sweet bite with our pecan pumpkin pretzel.


We dip the pretzels in creamy white chocolate and then top them with crunchy roasted pecans and graham cracker cookie crumbles. The nutty pecans paired with the sweet cookies come together to create a seasonal snack worthy of any Thanksgiving table

Eat this with…classic fall flavors. Use this as an alternative pumpkin or pecan pie base. Instead of making labor-intensive pastry, crush the Pecan Pumpkin pretzels up and put your pie filling on top.

Gift this to…your Thanksgiving host/ess.

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