Flavor Profile: PB+J

A pretzel a day keeps the doctor away! We’ve slightly altered this popular saying to fit our pretzel purposes, but it’s still true. Inspired by our packed lunches as kids, we came up with this flavor to celebrate the big kid in all of us.  Like anyone putting together this classic sandwich, we pay attention to our ingredients: the creamy milk chocolate, roasted peanuts and raspberry flavors get along perfectly. In fact, the peanuts are roasted for extra flavor and texture. We picked raspberry instead of another fruit flavor because the slightly salty pretzel brings out the raspberry’s natural tartness, which compliments the sweet chocolate well.

PB&J pretzels

PB&J pretzel rods








BREAKING NEWS: we’ve also found a way to please both sides of the eternal creamy vs. crunchy peanut butter debate.  With a crispy pretzel, silky milk chocolate and crunchy peanuts, we hope the PB+J pretzel has definitely bridged the divide so we can all snack together!

Eat this with…breakfast. Crumble it up over your oatmeal in the morning to break up your breakfast routine and add texture and sweetness to the creamy dish.  Alternatively, enjoy them on their own with a tall, cold glass of (chocolate) milk.

Gift this to…your teacher. If you’re looking for something more creative (and fun) than an apple to give your him or her this year, the PB&J pretzel is a perfect fit.

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