Flavor Profile: Orange

It’s a beloved pairing: chocolate and orange. Would it be possible for us to improve upon it? Armed with determination and plenty of chocolate, we were certain we could. The result was a decadent and delicious pretzel smothered in rich dark chocolate, topped with chocolate cookie crumbles and paired with orange flavors. Our Fatty Sundays motto: double the chocolate, double the fun. Say hello to our Orange pretzel.

The pop of citrus cuts through the rich chocolate, so you’ll definitely be able to eat the whole box. Orange and chocolate is a perfect combo year-round – in the winter when you’re looking for something to snack on with your mulled wine, or in the summer when you want a burst of fresh fruit flavor.

Eat this with…coffee. Use this instead of a spoon in your next latte – let the chocolate melt into the coffee and create a new aromatic, sweet treat for an afternoon boost!

Gift this to…trick-or-treaters.

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