Flavor Profile: BIRTHDAY CAKE

Fatty Sundays believes birthdays should be full of love, parties and sugar. Maybe, though, you’re looking for a new way to celebrate, or, at the very least, a new dessert to turn into your next birthday tradition.

Our Birthday Cake pretzels are all about celebrating flavor. Coated in creamy white chocolate and doused with vanilla cookie crumbles, they taste as sweet as your favorite childhood birthday cake. Rainbow sprinkles add another layer of texture and throw some color to the mix, making these pretzels both delicious and joyous. Try putting them in a goody bag at your next birthday party!


Eat this with…Looking to dress up a birthday cake? Stick these on top of a cake next to the candles – the sparkles with be extra sparkly in the candlelight!

Gift this to…yourself. Everyday is treat yo’self day.

Bday cake pretzel

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