Flavor Profile: Banana

Banana and pretzels are most definitely an underrated combo. We’ve found, though, that banana chips love a little salty kick from their pretzel partner-in-crime. We love the flavors of banana cream pie, but thought a pretzel would take them to the next level.

Banana often gets paired with milk and dark chocolate, so we thought we’d take this pretzel in a slightly different direction. After dipping the pretzels in velvety white chocolate, we shower them in crushed banana chips. To give the treat as much banana flavor as possible, we use real banana chips. The result is a luscious, salty-sweet snack!


Eat this with…pie. Crush these up instead of graham crackers and use that as the pie base base. Looking for a more traditional idea? Banana pretzels make great spoons in any ice cream sundae.

Gift this to…the hostess at your next warm-weather dinner party. Bring ice cream too, and you’ve got dessert ready!

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