Fatty Sundays Shares Snack Secrets!

Happy Thursday all! It’s almost 3PM, which means snack time is approaching for us. We thought we’d take a moment today to share some of our favorite Fatty Sundays snack secrets. As much as we LOVE snacking on just Fatty Sundays pretzels, over the last few months we’ve discovered and created some of the most delicious pairings of our pretzels with other foods. If you’re serious about snacking like we are, read on!

Fage Greek Yogurt X Coconut Fatty Sundays

Take your Fage Plain Greek Yogurt snack to an entirely new level with crushed up Coconut pretzels. All you need is 1 pretzel. Crush it up and mix it well into your yogurt. The sweet and salty bursts of flavor really balance the slightly sour yogurt flavor.

Trail Mix X PB+J Fatty Sundays

Trail mix is one our most favorite snacks at the office. The possibilities are just endless! You can literally put any nut, dried fruit, berry or chocolate morsel into your mix and it will taste great. Trail mix is our go-to quick energy fix. NOW, take it a step further and cut up some PB+J pretzels and your trail mix just got a whole lot more gourmet! The surprise bites of our chocolate covered pretzels are seriously delicious and we promise will get you through your work day feeling great.

Chocolate Frozen Yogurt X Banana Fatty Sundays

If you know us well, you know that we are frozen yogurt lovers. There is nothing more satisfying on a hot day (or any day after dinner!) than a cup of chocolate soft serve frozen yogurt. You didn’t hear it from us, but a Fatty Sundays Banana pretzel can basically be used as a spoon for your fro-yo! YOU NEED TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. The banana and chocolate flavor combination is mouth watering. If you’re the more traditional type, you can also crush up some pretzels and use as a topping. For that you’ll need a real plastic spoon, of course!

Hot Chocolate X Peppermint Fatty Sundays

We know, the temperature today doesn’t really scream hot chocolate. But, because the holiday season is on our radar already, we wanted to share this last snack idea with you. A steaming cup of hot chocolate practically turns into chocolate heaven when you dip a Peppermint pretzel in it (and use it as a stirrer!) Enjoy your chocolate-y mint pretzel while sipping your hot chocolate and all of your problems will literally melt away, we promise! You can make instant hot chocolate or get a cup from the nearest coffee shop or bakery – anything works!


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