Flavored Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Here at Fatty Sundays we specialize in flavored chocolate covered pretzels. We’ve spent hours and hours testing, tasting and tweaking our recipes to come up with what we deem is the “modern” chocolate covered pretzel. While growing up we absolutely loved the all time favorite “classic sprinkle” chocolate covered pretzels, a la our Mom. Determined to put a new twist on an old classic, we came up with the idea of a flavored chocolate covered pretzel. Guess you can say our pretzels “grew up” a little from years ago… just like us!

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We get questions like this all of the time: ‘OMG! How does your Peppermint flavor taste so fresh and minty!?’ which is why we decided to write about our flavored chocolate in this blog post. We dip our pretzel rods in flavored chocolate before coating them with unique toppings that we believe complement the flavor. The natural flavoring we use for our chocolate is kosher and organic. Putting just the right amount of flavoring into our chocolate is key – we have to be sure that each bite of a Fatty Sundays pretzel strikes the perfect balance of that specific flavor! Over time we’ve learned a lot about flavoring chocolate – what works, what doesn’t, what pairs best with semisweet, dark or white chocolate. We are continually being inspired. New flavor ideas and combinations pop up from just about anywhere, anytime.

You can be our next Inspiration!

Though we have a laundry list of flavors we want to test out on our chocolate covered pretzels in the future, we always love to hear creative flavor ideas from our customers and fans. We get inspired by foods and nature around us and are always on the hunt for the next best flavor idea or combination. If you have a chocolate covered pretzel flavor idea, please shoot us an e-mail at: info@fattysundays.com. Hey, we may even name the pretzel after you if it’s a keeper!

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