Easter Eggs < Easter Pretzels

Easter Sprinkle Pretzels This Easter, why not skip the classic Easter chocolate eggs and enjoy some Fatty Sundays instead? We can assure you that Easter pretzels are a unique treat for your festivities! Our new Easter Sprinkle pretzels are dipped in creamy white chocolate and decorated with festive pastel nonpareils. The indulgent treats will make Easter sweeter for anyone, so hop to it!

If you have not yet checked out our Easter Shop, we also have three new fun gift sets for the holiday…


Easter Gift Set: This set includes three of the Easter Sprinkle pretzels. The boxes are decoratively held together with a metallic band, making it the perfect sweet and salty gift for Easter Sunday.

For Your Best Bunny: The perfect gift for best bunny this Easter! With festive colors, this set includes Pistachio, Banana and Cereal+Milk chocolate covered pretzels.

Eggcellent Gift Set: This delicious gift set makes for an eggcellent reward for an annual Easter egg hunt! The set includes: Easter Sprinkle, Salty Toffee and Coconut chocolate covered pretzels.

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