Chocolate Covered Strawberry Licorice

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Licorice: When we first started telling friends and family about our newest addition to our collection of sweets, the reactions were mixed. Well, they were mostly suspicious “but I don’t LIKE strawberry licorice!” Or more to the point: “chocolate with licorice? No.” Even some of our staff had this reaction!

Fatty-Sundays-Licorice-700x950 chocolate covered licorice







Once everyone tasted it, of course, their concerns drifted away. The bittersweet dark chocolate contrasts with the sweet strawberry candy, making it a perfect flavor combination. The dark chocolate forms a slightly crunchy layer around the licorice once it cools, so every bite is a little crisp and a little chewy. Needless to say, we are all fans now!

Eat this with…popcorn! Sneak it into a movie theatre and everyone eating their boring candy will be jealous. Enjoy our Chocolate Covered Strawberry Licorice!


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