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Fatty Sundays specializes in creating unique favors and gifts to sweeten up your corporate events. With gourmet, fun chocolate covered pretzel flavors and completely customizable packaging, your guests, friends, family, colleagues and clients will certainly remember your event giveaway or gift long after the pretzels are gone!

  • "As By Brooklyn was turning 3 years old, we wanted to do something special for ourselves and our clients. We approached Fatty Sundays about doing a custom pack of dipped pretzels that we could sell in our shop. Ali and Lauren were LOVELY to work with throughout the entire process. They were open to our ideas and were totally accommodating to our requests. They made us a beautiful and delicious final product with our own custom artwork that our clients love and we’re proud to put our name on. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Fatty Sundays on our custom project and I hope we get to work with them again on something special in the future!" - Mindy D., By Brooklyn
  • "Fatty Sundays provided us with the perfect treat for our ping-pong event. We were able to work with them to design our own custom pretzels, as well as packaging, AND they are a local company, which we love! They don't sacrifice beauty for taste either- the pretzels were delicious!" - Maggie M., Warby Parker
  • "From our clients to our employees, everyone could NOT get enough of our custom 9W ? InStyle pretzels! They were an absolute hit! We can’t wait to work with Fatty Sundays again!" - Catherine I., Nine West
  • "A delicious sweet and savory treat that looks as amazing as it tastes. We received an assortment of pretzels that had been dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with colors that matched our company logo perfectly. I'll be placing a personal order after writing this." - Eric C., Close Care Companions
  • "I came across Fatty Sundays after doing a little online research for Brooklyn based gifts and sweets. I wanted to send our clients something special and local as thank you gifts. Fatty Sundays immediately jumped out at me with its varied and unique selection of flavors, toppings, and colors. When I called the store, I spoke to Ali and Lauren, who couldn't have been more helpful. I asked them if we could customize the pretzel to my company's colors, and it was no problem. We were also able to put our logo and a slogan on the outside of the box. Not only do these pretzels sticks look fun to eat, but they are DELICIOUS. Our clients love them, and so do we. Ali and Lauren are very professional, punctual, and simply a pleasure to work with!" - Mary A., CAUSE & [EFFECT]
  • “Fatty Sundays' pretzels added just the right amount of glitz to my New Year’s Eve party this year. The mix of black, white and metallic silver were beautiful to look at but that didn’t stop our guests from munching on them. The mix of milk chocolate and white chocolate covered pretzels were so irresistible that we were only left with a few stray sprinkles at the bottom of the bowl at the end of the night. I can’t wait for another reason (or for no reason at all) to order another batch of Fatty Sundays pretzels.”   - Samantha S., Catering by Restaurant Associates
  • "It was so easy to place our holiday gift order with Fatty Sundays! They offered us a complete package from design, packaging, and mailing. Our clients were impressed with how delicious they were and loved how beautiful our personalized logo matched the colored sprinkles. We love any cute gift that also tastes good!" - Kristin & Lauren, Bellafare
  • "Fatty Sundays executed a beautiful custom order for HealthcareSource. They completed the order quickly and with friendliness and ease. We were able to see a sample of the products our clients received as well as some other offerings. Everything tasted and looked great. We look forward to working with Ali and the team at Fatty Sundays again!" - Andrea C., HealthcareSource
  • "The custom pretzels Fatty Sundays created for us were a huge hit! We took them to events, included them in our holiday gift packages, and had them around the office. As expected, everyone loved them! Thank you for making it such an easy, 'sweet' process!" - Joanna L., Omnigon