Chocolate Covered Foods That Just Aren’t Right

Here at the Fatty Sundays HQ, we spend everyday enjoying and working with chocolate covered pretzels. We believed chocolate could make everything taste better until we discovered some shocking chocolate covered food, ranging from raw vegetables to chicken to squid. There are some chocolate covered foods that just aren’t right. Take a look at some of the outlandish combinations below.

Chocolate Covered Broccoli


Fortunately this was an April Fool’s Day joke, and we think it should stay that way.  If you look closely, you can tell that they’re made of tootsie rolls and cookie mix!  Broccoli and chocolate doesn’t sound like an appetizing combo at all; we’d never dream about ruining chocolate with broccoli!

Chocolate Covered Jalapeño

Believe it or not, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.  According to Esquire, these chocolate covered jalapeños are crisp, juicy, and mouthwatering treats.  Perhaps chocolate covered jalapenos will inspire a future Fatty Sundays flavor idea (they certainly are colorful!)…but for now, we’ll stick to Spicy Almond.

Chocolate Covered Onion

Anything sparkling with sprinkles definitely catches our eye.  But an onion? Don’t think we could stomach that.  We prefer flavors that make people’s mouths – not eyes – water!

Chocolate Covered Fried Chicken

“One Chocolate Covered Fried Chicken, please!”  You can actually order this dish at a restaurant in Los Angeles called ChocoChicken. If chocolate covered bacon tastes good, maybe chocolate covered fried chicken tastes good too?  If anyone has tried this, let us know how it is!

Chocolate Covered Squid

Chocolate covered seafood?  Woah.  Chocolate covered squid? Ahh! We’re all for a chocolate experiment, but this pairing seems a little fishy.

Chocolate Covered Grasshopper

We know grasshopper is full of protein, but that doesn’t mean covering it in chocolate makes it our go-to afternoon snack.

Let’s take a look at a pretty, pleasing, and guaranteed delicious chocolate covered treat….Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels, a sweet and salty combination that makes sense for every palette!

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