Be the Best House Guest!

Summer and outdoor BBQ season may be winding down, but that just means its time for cozy indoor dinner parties, and the age-old question of what to bring the host?

The etiquette of gift giving in the dinner party context has deep roots. Indeed, in nearly all cultures across the globe, it is customary to bring a small, thoughtful, and personalized gift when invited to someone’s home for dinner. The gift recognizes the host’s hospitality in opening his or her home to you. It also thanks the host for his or her generosity in preparing a lovely meal.

The Perfect Personalized Gift

At Fatty Sundays, we are no strangers to the custom of gift giving, and we know that our gourmet hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect gift for your next dinner party. For one, our pretzels satisfy both sweet and salty cravings, and flavors like Toffee, Birthday Cake, and Peppermint lend themselves well to any dessert situation. Our pretzels will also outshine traditional hostess gifts like flowers, wine, or boring boxed chocolates. Gone are the days when you have to make your host dig out a vase for a bouquet or fret over the type of wine to buy for dinner. Our pretzels are hand-dipped with love, bursting with flavor, and giftwrapped in style. And best of all, you can personalize your Fatty Sundays gift to suit your host’s style or the occasion. Find your host’s faves with flavors like Banana, Pecan Pumpkin, and Coconut. You can also pick from eye-popping sprinkle colors and holiday-inspired pretzel creations.


So, the next time you find yourself en route to a dinner party, don’t go empty handed. Instead, honor the etiquette of gift giving and grab your favorite flavor of Fatty Sundays. Your host will thank you and most certainly invite you back again!

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