5 Tips for Your Next Dinner Party

5 Tips for Your Next Dinner Party:

  1. Remember to enjoy the party: a tense host makes for tense guests. Wear something you feel comfortable in, cook something you really love and invite your favorite people. And have a glass of wine as you cook!
  2. Be Prepared: adopt the Boy Scout motto and everything will go according to plan! There is bound to be a last-minute guest who is gluten-free, vegan or has food allergies. Keep a stocked pantry for situations like these.
  3. When in doubt, twinkle lights: these are inexpensive, cute and festive! They’re a great way to spruce up a small space and lend a great, cozy atmosphere to your party.
  4. A dessert bar: stop waiting for your souffle to rise or your pastry to crisp. Set up a table with lots of store bought sweets & treats instead. This eliminates a lot of hassle for you as the host and makes a fun activity for your guests!
  5. Treat your guests…to Fatty Sundays! Our pretzels make great placeholders or even name cards at dinner parties and double as a fun favor.
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