5 Tips for Toddler Parties

Here are 5 Tips for Toddler Parties:

  1. Make what you can and buy the rest. Favors, invitations and a slew of decorations are an easy way to save some money and to do a fun activity with the birthday girl or boy! We understand, though, that too much crafting can overwhelm even the bravest mom, so don’t feel any shame in buying balloons, napkins and whatever else you need!
  2. Wall decals are a great way to decorate. You can find a whole range of colors and patterns at most stores and they peel off easily, so you don’t have to paint a whole wall pink.
  3. Focus on food that’s fun and delicious but easy to eat (and clean up!). Finger sandwiches, mini cupcakes and other bite-size eats are great options.
  4. Pick a theme – there are so many fun ones to choose from! Dr. Seuss, Disney, Nautical and – one of our favorites – Neon are all great ones to choose from.
  5. And, for good measure, a tip for getting those accidental spills out: use dishwashing liquid on greasy stains – works every time!

Tips for Toddler Parties

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