5 Reasons to Gift Fatty Sundays

5 Reasons to Make Fatty Sundays Your Next Corporate Gifting Choice

Corporate gifts are one of the most effective way to build relationships and boost business. Sending others thoughtful, creative and unique gifts will get their attention immediately.  Giving a delicious gift can work a million times better than a business card!

We’ll save you some time searching for the best corporate gift to give – it’s our custom chocolate covered pretzels! Here are the reasons why:

1. Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzels sends a sweet message

What sends a better message than a sweet & salty snack? We have so many flavors that will definitely impress your clients’ palate. Toffee sends best wishes to your company, PB&J remembers how great it was working together and Sprinkle looks forward to a bright future together.

2. You can never go wrong with a sweet & salty snack!

Chocolate covered pretzels are perfect for any company – small, large, local or international. Picky clients? Nobody could reject or be offended by a good looking and delectable snack! Play it safe with Fatty Sundays and your gift giving satisfaction is guaranteed.

3. Custom & Impressive

Want to make a good impression? Work with our creative graphic designer to design your own labels that contain unique messages from you! You can customize the gift box and include your message in every part of the gift, from the flavor to the name to the packaging.

4. Make an EVEN bigger impact by matching pretzel colors to your company logo

Did you know that you can even customize your pretzel order?  If your company logo is blue and white, we can make the pretzels blue and white. If you want pink and orange, we’ll make them pink and orange.  Where else can you get pretzels made that are inspired by your company’s aesthetic?!

5. Every Time they are craving for sweet & salty snacks they will think of you.

Fatty Sundays’ super power is turning people into chocolate covered pretzel addicts.  So it goes without saying that whoever you give Fatty Sundays to, they will want more of our sweet & salty treats!  Whenever they think about the flavored chocolate covered pretzels you gave them, they’ll also think of how sweet you were to do so.  It’s a reminder marketing strategy.  We may have just made that name up, but let’s roll with it.


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