5 Different Ways to Enjoy Pretzels

Other than our signature chocolate covered pretzels, there are many ways to enjoy the salty snack.

Here are five of our different ways to enjoy pretzels!

1. Chocolate and Pretzel Covered Beer Marshmallows

Beer flavored marshmallows covered in chocolate and pretzels – what a combination! Life is wonderful when you can meld three unlikely ingredients into a delicious treat.

See Recipe here!

2. Beer-Pretzel ball

We love the beer/pretzel combo so much, here’s another example! You definitely can’t go wrong.

Learn how to make this ball!  

3. Pretzel Turtle

This is a great one for kids. For these turtle delights all you need are mini pretzels, caramels, pecans and chocolate.

Check out how can you make this cute little dessert at home!

4. Cheesy Pretzel Chicken Pop

A cheesy pretzel chicken tender on a stick? Yum!  Flavorful and definitely fun to make.

Roll your sleeves and learn how to put this dish on your dinner table!

5. Pizza-stuffed pretzel rolls

Just looking at the pictures makes us drool! Post-pizza dessert will definitely be a Fatty Sundays pretzel – the perfect pretzel meal.

Here’s the recipe!  

Now you have many different ways to enjoy pretzels! You’re very welcome.

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