10 Reasons to Eat More Fatty Sundays

We eat chocolate covered pretzels…a lot. Lucky for us, its our job: making sure our pretzels are all equally delicious, coming up with new flavors and testing them all. Simply put, we have tons of excuses to eat chocolate covered pretzels.

Here are 10 solid reasons for YOU to eat more of our chocolate covered pretzels! Let’s see if they make sense to you. (Spoiler Alert: they do.)

1. Chocolate is (obviously) good for you.

There are tons of studies out there supporting the argument that chocolate is good for your health, and we agree with each one. But more importantly, chocolate just makes you happy, doesn’t it?

2. Pretzels are healthy snacks!

“When you grab a handful of pretzels, you’re getting a snack that comes with fiber, iron, zinc and folate.” It might be a slightly different story with chocolate cover, but hey, better than cheesecake right?

3. They’re the celebs of the pretzel world.

Decked out in rainbow sprinkles, three different types of chocolate and a slew of toppings, these pretzels are definitely ready for the red carpet.

4. There are so many more flavors to try.

Maybe you’ve already tried PB&J, Toffee and Sprinkle. But have you had our Banana, Pistachio or Orange? Give them a try!

5. The seasonal flavors are ready and waiting for you!

Sprinkles are fun. Need we say more?


6. Your friends will love you forever.

Friend having a cocktail party? Dinner with the inlaws? Fatty Sundays pretzels are a must for parties, holidays, happy occasions, or whenever you need to bring a gift. A crowd pleaser for sure! 

7. It’s a beautiful day outside.

Celebrate with some chocolate covered pretzels.

8. It’s raining outside.

Console yourself with some chocolate covered pretzels.

9. You bought a colorful summer dress.

So you need some Sprinkle Pretzels to match!

10. You just want some!

Sometimes simple is better – it’s just the best reason ever to eat Fatty Sundays’ gourmet chocolate covered pretzels!

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