About Us

We are excited to tell you our story

By early 2010 we could not keep our sweet and salty confections to ourselves any longer. It was time to reveal a family secret: our flavored chocolate covered pretzels that were inspired by Mom's chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles that we grew up with (and loved so much!) Yet we knew it would take a collective family effort to turn a pretzel obsession into a business. 

Meet our family

Ali used her talents as a graphic designer to create the brand. Lauren found time between her college classes to write the business plan. Risa attended to the legal nitty gritty. Mom perfected the awesome pretzel flavors. And Dad crunched the numbers.   

Why “Fatty Sundays” you ask?

In our home, we affectionately dubbed the last day of the weekend “Fatty Sunday” because it was always a day to kick back, relax and indulge. It seemed only logical to merge the two – our unique, bursting with flavor pretzels with our special family tradition!

As our company grows, our mission remains constant. We are dedicated to sharing our gourmet pretzels with the world. Our pretzels are dipped by hand to ensure a blast of flavor and crunch with each bite. With flavors like PB&J, Toffee, Spicy Almond, and more, these pretzels are unlike anything on the market. When you are looking for your next sophisticated, perfect-for-any-occasion treat, look no further than Fatty Sundays. Our modern twist on an old classic will surely keep you coming back for more!

XO, Ali & Lauren